Cassava Business Plan In Nigeria

Cassava Business Plan In Nigeria: There’s already a business plan that’s already been developed with standard, cassava has been developed into various products, these producers include the following, garri, starch, flour etc. The cassava business plan isn’t for this reason alone, we have been able to develop it in such a way that it will be used to apply for the following apply for loan or grant, it can also be used to raised funds from investors by entrepreneur.


With the way this is designed, it will cost you less time and energy.

Nigeria currently produces 42 million metric tons (MT) per annul, this means that Nigeria is currently the number in world ranking when it comes to cassava production, Thailand and Indonesia are also a cassava country including Brazil, but they are no way close to what Nigeria produces on a yearly basis, this means that Nigeria doubles and triples the rate these countries produce per annul, and there is an estimation that by 2021 Nigeria current production capacity would be doubled. It’s also sad to know that Nigeria isn’t very active in the world market when it comes to cassava production, reason being that most of the cassava production in Nigeria is targeted towards the local market is its mostly for domestic food market. The methods for this production is sustenance enough, this is what makes it to support industry level demand.

That is why recent and past governments came up with policies to encourage commercial cassava production and processing for both local and international market.

In 2003 the government launched an initiative on cassava, this brought cassava and its everything potential about it to the front pages, and this means cassava farming became more popular. The goal and achievements for this simple, cassava being promoted as a viable foreign exchange earner for Nigeria, this is not all, and they also came up with the development of cassava system that will be able to sustain the national demand. US$1billion was in sight for these developments for Nigeria, this means that they set in motion how Nigeria can earn this from value added cassava exports by the year 2007.

Unlike the Rice Farming Business Plan in Nigeria the vision for cassava is clear, what they want is that cassava will encourage the development of rural industries to help them for fund raising for producers, the ones that process it and traders while also adding  to the food security status of its producers and consumers, this isn’t just the production of the main, which is cassava, ethanol, starch , pellets, and lots of high quality cassava flour too for the exports reasons , Nigeria has to an approach that is demand driven in promoting developing and diversifying its cassava based industries.


If you’d like to start or grow your cassava business plan in Nigeria  and you need a business plan, there is always one for you.

The cassava processing business plan can be presented to any investor, bank loan or for a grant and it comes with a 3 years financial analysis.

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The complete cassava processing business plan is in Words Doc format and the financial analysis is in excel sheet  so that you can edit to whichever way you want it.


The cassava processing business plan is fully updated with current research on how to start a cassava processing business, get the attention of the market, retain them and make huge profits.


The CASSAVA PROCESSING business plan also has in-depth analysis on cassava processing equipment.


3 Years Automated Financial Model in MS Excel with complete industry research.


To get this standard CASSAVA PROCESSING business plan only for N10, 000


What you’d expect and see in this plan.


1)      Table of Contents


2)      Executive Summary: The summary includes introduction, products and services description, marketing and sales among others


3)      Company Overview: this includes


Mission Statement

History and Current Status

Markets and Products


Keys to success

Cost summary


4)      Product description: All our products are described including other unique features.


5)      Industry and Market Analysis



Industry analysis

Market analysis

Customer analysis

Competitor analysis

SWOT Analysis


6)      Marketing Strategy


Target Market Strategy

Product/Service Strategy

Pricing Strategy

Distribution Strategy

Advertising and Promotion Strategy

Sales Strategy

Marketing and sales Forecasts


7)      Operations


Operations Strategy

Scope of Operations

Operating Expenses


8)      Development


Development Strategy

Development Timeline

Development Expenses


9)      Management


Company Organization

Management Team

Administrative Expenses


10)   Summary of Financials


Financial Assumptions

Financial Forecasts

Projected Cash Flow

Income statement


iii.      Balance sheet


Profit and loss

Profit Margin, chart etc

Financial Risks


11)   Appendices


Support for Product/Service Description (e.g., diagrams, pictures, etc.)


Support for Marketing and Sales Plan


Support for Development Plan


Support for Operations Plan


Resumes of Management Team


Financial Statements


Income Statement [3 years]

Balance Sheets [3 years]

Cash Flow Statements [3 years]

Ratio Analysis [3 years]

Other supporting financial statements


What is the cost of the cassava processing Business Plan?


With all the detailed information we have put in this business plan, we still sell it for as low as N10,000, this isn’t about the money, this is a dedication of service to raise lots of entrepreneurs in this country and we are dedicated to doing that.

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Please text or email your name, phone number, payment details and your email address to 07030465171, your cassava processing business plan will be sent to you in less than 5 minutes.

Also Get the following business plan for the same amount, all these business plan was taken time and prescription to draft out, all you need do is edit to your taste especially the financial projections.

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