The Main Divisions Of Office Organisasation

Organisation is usually divided according to the size. i the nature of functions/activities,  ii the objectives,
The following departments may be found in an organisation, although it may vary from one organisation to another.
1. Manufacturing
2. Production
3. Administration [Read more…]

Office Organization

Office Organization In Nigeria, and all over the world, there is the need for the records of business and office activities to be well organized and preserved so that documents can be retrieved and made use of as, and when needed. To do this, it is in the office that such activities are carried out and its records kept. In industry and commerce the organizers wonder whether the organization might run as well, if not better with fewer clerks and less paper. In matters of government, the tax payers are not slow to react unfavorably to growing number of civil servants and local officers. [Read more…]


Public Enterprises:  Apart from the civil service generally referred to as the public service, there are other corporations for which government has interest directly or indirectly. in this article we shall discuss in details what Public Enterprise is all about.

The public corporations are those enterprises in which the government has an interest or has a major shareholding influence. They are referred to as Public Corporations because the Government runs them with taxpayers money. [Read more…]

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