Catfish Farming Business Plan In Nigeria.

Catfish Farming Business Plan In Nigeria: This is a very detailed article to let you know more about the catfish farming business in Nigeria, so if you want to start up a catfish farming business in Nigeria or in Africa or in the world at large, all you need do is read this article word for word and follow our guide.

it’s pretty simple and very understandable, because we took out time to give detailed information as regards the Catfish Farming Business Plan In Nigeria.

I believe the lucrativeness in the catfish farming business is one of the reasons, if not the major reason people dive into it, the good thing about this business is that its very easy to start up, to cultivate and to nurture once you know about the business. so in this article, we are going to be sharing some nice tips, that relates to the catfish farming business plan, the possible risks, the problems, and the profits yearly.

Nowadays catfish farming business just like the Goat Farming Business Plan in Nigeria has been made easy, can remember those times where it necessarily means you must have a land close to the river, so they can construct a pond, hence it became really very expensive to start the catfish farming business and those that have such lands made a lot of cash from this business because it was some how very difficult for those that didn’t have such facilities. So like I was saying nowadays its easier in the sense that you can invent man made pond through construction, all you need do is made sure the pond is supplied with enough water and a drainage system close to it, you can be removing or draining the unwanted water, I will also share why its important you know the merits and demerits of the catfish farming business some things they u should avoid and how to go about starting it.
The Most common animal product in this part of the world is the fish product, its not as expensive as the meat and so its a common animal products available for every household because of its cheap price.

The fish is very proteinous its good for everyone, the kind of vitamin we find in fish is Riboflavin and vitamin D, in fish we also have omega-3 fatty acids, these acids are very helpful and useful in the human brain, the omega fatty acids do not form the production of chemical compounds or elements, therefore this must be taken to help the body stay healthy, some of the nutrients the fish contains are calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, and iodine. The fish farming business helps to make fish available for all households.

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One thing about the fish farming business in Nigeria is that it very lucrative, and that’s because fish grow really fast and big if they are adequately fed, there is an estimate that if you can invest in fish farming in Nigeria, say if you invest with five million or less money could be tripled or doubled in six to seven months, that why I said fish grow really fast when the are fed adequately, the size of the ponds also comes to mind when u are making such profits, for instance when you are operation on a small pond, don’t be expected to make same amount when you are operating on a big pond. so I’d say big pond comes with big responsibilities, because then, you’d employ more working forces, expansion of ponds, which will lead to more profits.

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Don’t forget the fact that fish grow up very fast and rapidly, but to make sure it really goes the way you want fish farmers are advised to make use of special feed to make sure the fishes are nurtured so that they can be sold in a high rate.

One thing about the fish farming business is that it very easy in the environment, unlike the poultry that kinda contaminate the environment with smell, the fish farming are far from that, and can be constructed anywhere in the compound backyard especially if you have a big compound. Fish farming goes with Poultry Farming Business because the kind of go hand in hand, which means poultry products can be used to make feeds for for catfish in the pond.

Fish Farming Business is straight, what I mean is there’s nothing like discharged like the ones you have in the Poultry production where discharge from the birds can be sold as manure to farmers, eggs can also be sold to make more money in the poultry business, but the fish does not have such advantages.

Some Obstacles to encounter in fish farming business in Nigeria.
One major obstacle as a fish farmer you are likely to encounter is the competition you get from the local fishermen, reasons being that you put a lot of efforts into your pond to maintain, train and feed the fishes, and so its only normal that your fishes would be more expensive than that of the local fishermen, so there is every possibility that a fisherman can take customers from you because of the rate they sells, I mean everyone wants a cheap product.

Catfish Farming Business In Nigeria is always more expensive to start, I mean you would need at least half a million Naira to start it up, and in poultry you don’t need such huge amount, this amount needs for the fish farming production covers the expenses of the pond and the laborers you are employing, however, this is because you want to set up something excellent so the profits can be made with ease, well some people are gifted when it comes to diversification, so they save themselves more cash because they can do the construction work themselves.
To avoid death of your fishes which will of course lead to losses in the fish farming business, carefulness is the watch word, because one single error, especially when it comes to maintenance can lead to so many dead fishes thereby resulting to losses in the business.

Things To Before Starting A Fish Farming Business

See Successful Professionals : this is very delicate venture, it is only advisable to always seek the opinions of those that have success stories in the business, because without an accurate understanding of what you are venturing into, there is every possibility that you can back out just like you went in, so its imperative to analyses with professionals, seek their guide and take the advice when it come to setting up a fish farming business plan. but there are things you ought to have arranged first, things like having a good location, good water supply, favorable temperature, how the environment looks like, its better to be in an environment with natural resources, so it will be very easy when it comes to feeding of the fishes and to take proper care of them.

Register Your Business : it very important to get any business you are venturing into registered and get it accredited, thees means that you will have to register with the Corporate Affairs Commission, not only that you also need to see the association of fish farming to get your business authorized.

Choose the type of fish to be used: I have taken out time to list some good fishes that are be used for fish farming business, i did this because its not all fingerling that are supposed to be reared in the same pond you have some good fishes, some of this fishes have a very bad toxic state, they can contaminate the water where you have good fishes, some are not supposed to be cultivated at all, some are just no eatable, some have a very short life span, so I will strongly advice to use some of the types of fishes I listed below to start your fish farming business.

Catfish: This is the type of fish many new farmers in Nigeria start with, it very easy to cultivate and brings good returns, it has more farmers that are into this type of fish, so its very easy to cultivate.

Titus: This is also known as the Mackerel, this fish are mostly cultivated by fishermen reasons being that they don’t survive in fresh water, the can only survive in the sea, because of the kind of water we have in the sea, the beautiful thing about this fish is that its the most common fish in the Nigeria market place, very popular among fish sellers.

Tilapia : The growth and reproductive cycle of this kind of fish is very high, and hence its still very popular among the market place, truth about this kind of fish is that the reside in fresh shallow water.

Financial Breakdown: we have all the financial analysis that comprises of the how to develop the design, how much the fingerlings would cost, a very broad sheet and how much it will cost to get machines, how much the construction would also cost, cost of everything that’s involved in starting up the ponds, including power supply, oxygen meters, and so on. they are all listed in the pdf file that would be sent to you.

Market To Be Targeted : Before going into fish farming business the has to be in mind the are of market you are targeting, this very important because you will need to need to know whether your product will be in high demand or not, whether in some part of the year or everyday, this will give you a clue on how to plan your schedule and how much production you will produce as a fish farmer, its is also important to have a real good policy when it come to marketing your fish, will help you avoid some unnecessary lost, and will give you great profits

Economics : So for instance you are starting with two hundred fingerlings or less, this is a guide to help you follow a routine before bursting forth, since you are starting in such a small size, not not everyone has the money to start in the front foot. so this can help put you on track with the kind of construction and feeds needed for such amount of cultivation.

The type of environment : This really determines how to set up, because with a good environment it will look like you are wasting time, energy and even resources, because an environment that is vulnerable to attacks are always risky are not advised, this risks includes birds attack, snake attacks, insects, even local thieves can break into it and steal the fishes, so it important to look for a conducive environment, that will involve, good cloud, good humidity, good water, good amount of rainfall and sunshine.

At, we are always available to give you the best write up as regards any type of business plan you want. so if you want to get loan or want to venture into any business and you need a business plan we are professionals that can make that happen, this will save you so much stress and energy, because writing a professional business plan like ours could be really technically demanding, so that is why we are here to do it for you. As a matter of fact we did it in a very easy way in the sense that some sections can be edited to match your location, and what you plan for.

This complete catfish farming business plan is in Micro Soft Word (MS Word) document format and the financial analysis is in MS Excel format so that you can edit it up to what you really want, its that simple.

In the catfish business plan and feasibility study contains the following:

1) Table of Contents of the Catfish Business Plan and Feasibility Study

2) Executive Summary: The summary includes introduction, products and services description, marketing and sales of the catfish business

3) Company Overview: This includes: mission statement, history and current status of business, market and products, objectives, keys to success and cost summary

4) Product description: Description of the product (Catfish). This includes: the size, length, weight, etc.

5) Industry and Market Analysis: Introduction, industry analysis, market analysis, customer analysis, competitor analysis, S.W.O.T analysis

6) Marketing Strategy: Target market strategy, product/service strategy, pricing strategy, distribution strategy, advertising and promotion strategy, sales strategy, marketing and sales forecasts

7) Operations: Operations strategy, scope of operations, operating expenses

8) Development: Development strategy, development timeline, development expenses

9) Management: Company organization, management team, administrative expenses

10) Summary of Financials: Financial assumptions, financial forecasts, projected cash flow, income statement

iii. Balance sheet: Profit and loss, profit margin, chart etc, financial risks

11) Appendices: Support for product/service description, support for marketing and sales plan, support for development plan, support for operations plan, resumes of management team

Financial Statements: Income statement [3 years], balance sheets [3 years], cash flow Statements [3 years],ratio analysis [3 years],other supporting financial statements

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