Cucumber Farming Business Plan in Nigeria PDF / Feasibility Study

Cucumber Farming Business Plan in Nigeria PDF / Feasibility Study

A lot of people in Nigeria speak ill of some cash crops that yields much profit, they speak out of curiosity because no African man would consider embarking on a business venture for pleasantries. He’s strictly Into any business that would ingest his time for the benefits(money) and recognition, which he hopes vividly and assures himself of a breakthrough in the financial aspect of his life and when the success comes around it will accord him some cognizance of good repute. Breakthrough visits first in the mind, your diligence, patience and it’s siblings contribute efforts to get a ticket and board it on a plane of hope and dreams, when it lands, it drops your success like it’s hot making the jaws of your pokers-in field go down.. They go home “cap-in-hand” as they go into there tents of “had-i-known” because you could nature a dream they doubted….

Howbeit, an average African man might not really get a rigid assimilation into his cognitive structure that there are some guide-lines and procedure to strictly adhere to if he wants to present not just an experience but a fat pocket as an evidence of a successful agro-business venture, I wouldn’t call it an adventure because am here to guide you through it. Without saying much, the knowledge you’re about to procure will not just serve as a guide line but also as a pace and a fly-over to convey you from a state of doubt into decisiveness and when you understand it, it will stand as a Manuel to guide your actions, because the knowledge of a man worketh his actions.

Cucumber farming in Nigeria is an open secret to a financial stability and an avenue to encroach financial constrain but most people are ignorant of this fact.

Let’s talk about Cucumber.

Cucumber is one of the plants in the gourd phylum, edibles of plants from this class are often used as vegetables. Cucumber, otherwise known as (Cucumis sativus) is a crawling plant that has roots in the soil and erects trellis as an auxiliary or an accessary to growth. This kind of plant has roots in the soil, for the fact it could be slouchy doesn’t mean it’s not going to vegetate . A Cucumber plant has a dual life-line, it either grows with supports or it helps itself by sprawling along the soil. As it is, this kind of plant in the gourd family seems to be idiosyncratic, because it produces leaves that are showy. These leaves form’s a shade over its fruits. Cucumber’s fruits are abruptly cylindrical in shape and elongated with funny ends(tapered).

Cucumber emerged from the Asian continent, India to be précised, according to scientific facts, cucumber has been cultivated for at least 3,000 years and its been introduced to other countries in the Cosmos. Countries like Europe, Italy and of course, our noble country (Nigeria) isn’t left out in this quest for advancement and commercialization of the agro-commercial sector or field in agrology.

Cucumber farming in Nigeria isn’t just a farming practice but also a culture to some designated states. They cultivate cucumber to promote style and diversification in farming, to procure an identity and in general, contribute to the economy of the nation as well. Nigeria as a country is blessed with a blissful atmospheric condition duly. This phenomenon isn’t just a speculated fact, as we can see, the farm produce from the states are enormous.

Of all the things you might wanna cultivate in Nigeria as a farmer, investor or an organization, cucumber should be your top 3, but if you want a lucrative and easy means of hitting the jack-pot in a giffy in the agricultural sector, cucumber is a great deal. You might want to ask me why, well, cucumber, just like any other cash crop is lucrative and remunerative, but a farmer who cultivates cucumber in a very cautious manner goes home with the big fish

Lost are the olds days when homo-sapiens from this part of the universe (Nigeria) engage in subsistence farming as a means of livelihood. In this 21st century money is apparently the center of attraction and if you’re not into any money-making venture now or anticipating to embark on any anytime soon as you carefully decide, you might agree with me if I say “reality will soon come knocking at your door”…

If you’re a potential investor, a farmer or an organization that wants to embark on this type of agrology where money is been made at the snap of the finger, “Cucumber farming in Nigeria is a head-shot”. Nigeria is a type of country where delicacies are respected. It got to the extent where men say “beauty of a woman is enhanced by her delicacies” and because a typical African man would care about what the food he consumes does in his body, he marries a woman that can cook. You would agree with me that your meal have not certified the standard of a supposed meal if vegetable is lacking in it.

A garnished cucumber on your breakfast and dinner is heaven on earth…

Haven said that, the world has gone digital, a farmer in China can amass the ballyhoo of his farm produce by just visiting a website for advert placement, and before he gets home, his business has reached the targeted potential customers. It’s a privilege to have something that can connect you to the global market while you just stay in your convenience and make a whisper, thousands of audience will be drawn to you if you have a great deal.

In most of the African countries, Nigeria as a typical reference point is a good place to start a cucumber cultivation in it’s might. As we all know, in our various states especially the northern part of Nigeria, the western part of Nigeria, with a swift drift, combing some southern part of Nigeria, Cucumber’s praises can be heard in the hearts of their society, Its health benefits accords it some accolades and cognizance, it’s lucrativeness nature induces more zeal to farm.

Without wasting much time, “cucumber farming in Nigeria” is another way of exploring the natural benefits of the soil’s fertility in Nigeria. Often times people might express their anxiety when they don’t understand how to go about whatever it is that is assumed to give them a heavy pocket in a short while. If you’re in the category of such persons, all you have to do is fix your gaze, while the ears of your understanding listens as I give you a run-down of how to plant a cucumber / when to plant it and how to space and the supposed depth it’s seed should go into the soil, how to care for a cucumber as a plant and of course how to harvest a matured cucumber in due course.


Nigeria already has a favorable atmospheric condition, so you can just plant your cucumber seed when the soil is warm, cucumber seeds can be planted in mid-summer to late summer for a harvest in the fall (cucumber seeds can be planted during the dry season, towards the end of the dry-season so that it can be harvested during the raining season).


You can plant your cucumber seeds half inch deep and thin the seedlings to one cucumber plant every 12 inches in a raw. If you plant cucumbers in hills, thin the plants to three plants per hill and space the hills 36 inches far.


Cucumber have roots just like every other plants does, but it’s own grows only a few inches into the soil so they need water throughout the growing process especially during and after some couple of weeks it’s seed got plunged in the soil and that should be during the dry season. If you don’t have enough space, for the freestyling it does as it grows by spreading forth as it covers the soil. You may consider growing your cucumber on a fence or getting it some trellis.


Pick cucumbers when they are dark green and hard. If you allow your cucumber turn yellow, it’s nutrients would be minimized. Check to see other cucumbers that are ready for harvest if you see anyone with a dark green colour. Cucumber can grow from seed to harvest in just 60 – 75 days.

In other words, cucumber grows from a seed to a fruit ready for harvest in the space of 2- two and half months. ..

If you talk about what to cultivate in Nigeria without much stress and a world-class benefit, “cucumber farming in Nigeria” is a business venture you can embark on with your peace of mind sealed and your pocket smiling, consequently giving you a concrete reason to smile at the bank in due time.

Our sample Cucumber Farming Business Plan in Nigeria can be used to access bank loans, proposal writing and grant applications. The business plan was complied after a thorough feasibility study on Cucumber Farming Business in Nigeria was done.

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