Fashion Design Business Plan in Nigeria / Feasibility Study

Fashion Design Business Plan in Nigeria / Feasibility Study

Clothing is a necessity and this explain why fashion design is one of the most lucrative business not just in Nigeria but in the world at large, in this post I will concentrate on Nigeria

Gone are the days where fashion designer are seen as low income people, these days everyone wants to be fashionable, everyone wants to look good and looking good they say is good business.

In Nigeria today, the fashion designing industry is one of the fastest growing industry because everyone wants to look good and they are concerned with making people look good.

There are different types of fashion designers and one thing about this two type is that both are lucrative but of course to be at the top in this line of business you need to be creative. In fashion designing business you need to be creative, the limit to your success is the limit of your creativity because creativity rules this business.

Fashion is not static it is dynamic, so you have to be aware of this fact and be able to follow new trends as they come. If you are not flexible you are most likely to be left behind. Nobody wants a fashion designer who is still living in the 50s so your ability of learning new trends gives you an additional advantage as far as this business is concerned.

Fashion Design Business

If you know nothing about this business firstly you need to acquire the necessary skill. This is a very skillful business and having a professional training is very paramount. To be a good fashion designer, attract customers then you must get professional training and acquire the necessary skill.

The duration of training differs and also dependent on your ability to learn fast. Most fashion designing institute has a training period of 6 to 12 months.

In fashion designing you can start small, from the comfort of your home as you grow with time you can expand. There are lots of big names in the industry that started this way, the most important thing is how good you are because if you are very good people will always locate you no matter where you are situated.

One constant thing about fashion designing is that new designs or trends are always coming out, this is where your skill comes into play, you ability to develop your own design and also to follow the trend and designs that are out there, that means you have to always be on the look out because people wants what is in vogue, also you can develop your own design, everyone wants to be the first to rock a new design. You can take advantage of the internet to update yourself with what is happening in the world of fashion

Like I always say to be successful in any business you need the right knowledge of the business. To be successful you need to get the Fashion Design Business plan pdf to help you plan for this business properly.


Executive Summary
Business Description
Products and services
Competitive Advantage
Market Research
Competitor Analysis
Sales and Marketing Plan
Operational Plan
Business Risk
Management and Structure
Financial Plan and Projections

Our sample Fashion Design Business Plan can be used to access bank loans, proposal writing and grant applications. The business plan was complied after a thorough feasibility study on Fashion Design Business in Nigeria was done.

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After payment text your name, your e-mail address and bank teller number to 07036785443 and you’ll receive your FASHION DESIGN BUSINESS PLAN IN NIGERIA.

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