How to Start a Pure Water Business in Nigeria

How to Start a Pure Water Business in Nigeria

Water is the largest component in the body, water is very important, as it plays a very important role in the body, water plays a vital role for the development of the cells, tissues, it also helps the body systems to function normally, this is because the components of the body composed of about 60% of water,  so you can imagine this earth without water. This implies that water plays a very significant role on planet earth. Pure Water business is one of the most lucrative business in the country and even the world at large, water is sold in Nigeria as bottle or sachet, the one we know as pure water. so investing in such business is but a very wise decision to make.

The importance of water cannot be over emphasized even for consumption and for business and other purposes, but I’d be talking more on clean water, the kind of water that is good for drinking, clean water is actually consumed not only in Nigeria, but in Africa, since they are one of Millennial Development Goals (MDG), this is one reason why Africans can boast of clean water to consume.

What do we label as clean water? to me clean water has to have the following characteristics, these characteristics involves cleanness, it must be odorless, it must be tasteless, must not have color, a very clean water must not possess these characteristics, but the annoying part is that pure water in Nigeria have these characteristics and that is very annoying, that is where to make a stand in the business comes to play, as good and as lucrative the business is, one must produce good water to make you to be above your competitors, and once you make a name for yourself in this business you are ready to go, because when people know your water is very good, they’d always want to patronize you.

The Pure Water Business in Nigeria is very lucrative, but once you don’t know how to go about it as a business man, there is every possibility to run at loss, this is because the pure water business involves lots of money to start. So I’d always advice to always make your research and get the necessary information before starting up a pure water business plan in Nigeria.

This is the reason we took time to give a detailed article that contains real information needed to start a pure water business plan in Nigeria. These include

A Business plan:

This must involve everything you need to start up the business, that’s the reason for having a business plan, this plan must also involves strategies in the business, that is, how you want to go about starting up the pure water business whether its for a long period of time or for a short period of time, you’d also need to know the merits and demerits involved, plans to how to minimize risks that comes with this business, how to deal with major competitors, how the organization you are operating with is structured, things to know about, the goals on what you are operating for, to this ends, its always advised to seek professional business plans designers and that’s where we come in, we have a detailed business plan designed and this plan is done in a very simple way, a format that can be edited. so you can know what to invest and make your business grow.

Look for a good site for production :
For you to start a business like pure water business production in Nigeria, you have to follow simple rules, that is you can not just start the production anywhere as this will always go against the rules and regulations of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC). This is because people go about the the business the way they like, they just start it in the apartment and forget that water is very important because of its demands and as such they are always turned down from accrediting by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), make no mistake about it, without their approval, your pure water business in Nigeria is not going anywhere. for getting a reasonable site for the business, sites that are not situated in filling stations, or factories, especially factories that work with chemicals, where refuse are dumped, and even cemeteries. I always advice to get a land in town, but based on how costly getting a site in the main town can costs its still okay if you can get a site for the production just a little bit out of the main town, a site that will not consume transportation too much. we also always advise to build a bungalow with many rooms for the production, so you can have the following

A production room.
First storage room to store raw materials : This is a room where raw materials for the productions are stored, this room should be well protected and well monitored.
Second storage room for finished products : This is where the bags of the water that are waiting for distribution are stored,  a second storage room should just be large enough, to store lots of water for distribution.
Changing room : This is a room where staffs can dress up before they start working, or after they finished working, its normally a room where the workers have their lockers to change.
Administrative room : This most times looks like an office is where all the paper works is carried out, it very important in any company.
Toilet and bathroom : This is where staffs take the bath and ease themselves, this shouldn’t be anywhere near the main production room, or any storage rooms, it should be close to the changing rooms.

Register Your Business:

To have a niche or a name for your self, your business needs to be registered, and this is where corporate affairs commission comes in, not just the corporate affairs commission, because they are in charge of business registration in the country, you’d also need to register with the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), now this is very simple all you need do, is get a unique name and logo for your business, the reason being that lots of people have lots of names already, so getting a unique name is very important, whether u are starting yours newly or working as a franchise. With your business registered, you have the right to take to court any individual or government that tempers with your business.

Equipment For Production:

I have listed below equipment needed to start up pure water business in Nigeria.

SINK A BOREHOLE: in fact this is the most important in this business, reasons being that you get lots of water especially when the borehole is deep into the ground to get clean water.
Industrial Filter for Water: I always recommend the ultra violet bulb filtration method when starting the business, not for its effectiveness for its price, its the cheapest in the country and its what most pure water production companies use.

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Another recommended one is the Reverse osmosis distillation, this very effective and more expensive, its another way to purify the water in the pure water production business, and it purifies it in a very high way, especially for the ones that are able to purchase it.

Machines that seals Automatically: They have different types of automatic sealing machines, so it all depends on you and the type you want, the machines basically is for sealing nylons, some machines have the ability to seal, cut, number and even bag, some are just for sealing and bagging can be done manually, so it depends on the number you want daily judging from the size of your business, some machines don’t seal a very huge amount amount daily, while some can. These machines are expensive because of their advantages, I mean what you are supposed to pay a staff for, your machines are doing it with effectiveness.
A Truck is necessary: For the transporting or moving of the bags of the pure water you would need an efficient truck to take the bags of the water to your customers, that where a good truck comes to mind, because the more ground you cover the more money that’s made, trust me you don’t need a truck that wouldn’t get the water to all you customers on a daily basis.
A Standby Generator: One of the biggest challenges we have in Nigeria is power, we can hardly boast of power for 6 hours in a day, for your production to be very effective, a good standby generator must be on ground and always be used, there is no need for government power, because it would hinder your production a great deal.

Staffs must be employed: I have listed below the areas man power are needed, the pure water business involves lots of money so it could be at risk if you employ the wrong staffs, not only the pure water business, any kind of business, trust me without man power, the business can not be very effective, so you’d need people that are serious, people that are ready to work to be employed to help you run your pure water production business in Nigeria. see below.

Production staffs : You’d need packagers maybe 3 or 4 in numbers, you’d also need one operator, give or take one cleaner.
Marketing staff or staffs: this number depends on you, but you’d need a group of marketing staffs that would help to market the business.
Administrative staffs : A manager and a cashier. For a start, the manager can take up the role of the cashier.
Security staffs.
Quality control and maintenance staff. This role can be taken up by a manger for a start if working on a tight budget.

The POS Machines : This helps to have less cash in the production house or office as the payments made through the POS will be in the bank automatically.

The surest way to make quick returns in the pure water business is having distributors register under your brand in the sense that you’d have to have a constant supply to them on a daily basis, pure water business in Nigeria is very lucrative, because its required on a daily basis, its not a seasonal business or a periodical business, its very expensive to set up, but this business is a sure means to recover on time since its cheap to purchase by everyone, both poor and rich, big and small alike.

The most reasonable stuff about this business is that there is a very big chance that one can recover and make more profits in time and the profits that comes with this business is far more than the amount you used to set it up, the reason is that people are in constant need of water for consumption, so putting more diligence to your business is key, the pure water production business has it’s advantages, disadvantages, competitors, dishonest staffs, customers wants and the rest, but you can overcome this huddle by being diligent, make sure your water is bigger and well packaged, have good relationship with your customers, by then they will spread words for your products and this will attracts more customers. Also always see that your staffs are in their best behaviors at all time.

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