Pig Farming Business Plan in Nigeria

Pig Farming Business Plan in Nigeria – How to Start a Pig Farm

This is a very lucrative agricultural business in Nigeria, its another name for piggery business, this business or this part of agriculture is not only profitable in Nigeria, its also known as a profitable business round the world this is the reason most pig farm is almost everywhere in the world.

Don’t forget that a female big also known as a sow gives birth to alot of piglets I mean, they can give birth to up to 15 baby pigs known also as piglets, that is not just it, a female big (sow) can give birth two times in a year. So you can just start up with 10 sows and 4 male pigs also known as Boars, when you do the calculations, you’d found out that in just one year, you should be talking about having 300 pigs in your farm, its just doesn’t end there, let me bring to your notice that pigs grow very fast, this implies that a pig farmer can sell out very fast causing the farmer to make lots of profits in the process. This is very simple all you need do is to just put in mind that in a year you can buy 5 piglets for N5000, and just after feeding until they are mature in just 24 weeks and you decide to see them for N60,000, that alot, don’t forget how demanding pig meat is in the Nigerian market, you could also decided to kill and sell the meat.

There are aspect we will look at in this article of pig farming business in Nigeria

Pig farming business in Nigeria.
Guide to commercial pig farming in Nigeria.

Pigs are very easy to rear, not only easy, cheap too, this is because of their feeding abilities, they are rared in anywhere you chose to, as long the environment is a controllable one and they also do well in free environments, be it large or small business operation. They eat anything edible and they also grow fast, if you are dealing with a large or small farm, you will still need good information to guide to start up your own pig farm business in Nigeria.

Here are factors that you must consider when starting a pig farming business:

Write a Pig Farming Business Plan

This is a kind of business that needs guide I mean which business dose not need guide, so before going into any business I strongly advice that you draw out a plan, a guide that will determine the growth of your business, this plan will make you know just what you need to start up any kind of business you want to venture into. In Pig farming business you’d have to do the same planning, by knowing how many piglets you need for the pig farming business, how much it will cost you, the land you’d need, whether you are buying of renting, bearing in mind the amount you’d make in a short or long time frame depending on how the case may be. These are the reasons you need a pig business plan, because with this plan you’d be able to know exactly what you want. You may not know how to write a business plan, all you need do is contact us and you’d have your plan written for by our experts. We also have already written one that will suit your budgets.

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To order , pay the sum of N10,000 to the bank account below:



ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0137025869

After payment, send your full name, email address and topic (i.e. pig farming business plan in Nigeria pdf) to 07030465171 Your business plan will be forwarded to your


email within 10 minutes of payment.

Our Business Plan contains the Following Features:

1.0 Executive Summary (Objectives, Mission, Keys to Success, Choose a Pig Breed)

2.0 Company Summary

3.0 Products (Competitive comparison, Future Products)

4.0 Market Analysis Summary (market Segmentation, market Needs, Competition and Buying Patterns)

5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary (Competitive Edge)

6.0 Management Summary (Housing, Farm Management, Feeding, Drinking, Vaccination, Manpower Requirements, Farm Equipment).

7.0 Financial Plan ( financial analysis of pig farming – Profit Projection for 10 Female Pigs)

Pig pen construction and design with pictures

Our pig farming package also includes a complete guide to commercial pig farming in Nigeria

Back to the subject at hand!

How to Start a Pure Water Business in Nigeria

Find Location

One of the most important things you need to start a livestock business is land, getting a fine location to build your pig pen. So if for instance you are starting the business with a small amount of capital or a large sum of money
getting a large farm to ensure  you get what you really want, but we always advice to get a land where there is space to enable the pigs space to move around.

Build Your Pig Pens

Don’t forget how strong pigs are naturally, not only are they strong, they are also very rough animals, so when constructing a pig pen, bear in mind to construct a very strong one so that it can’t be brought down by their strength. Water also should be provided for them in form of a pool, this is because pigs are known for wallowing in water as it makes them feel good, but you also have to derive a means to make the pool clean, by constructing a drainage system to allow the water to flow out.


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Choose Piglets to Raise

We use to have a local breed in Nigeria, although this breed is still there, by crossbreed of exotic breeds. This breeds grow faster, the eat more, and they are always healthier generally, this is one good thing that happened in pig farming business in Nigeria. so I always tell people to visit an expect pig farmer to get a very good breed for the business, this is because they are so many breeds in the market, in other to make a wise choice its advisable to consult a professional in the business, although this may be more expensive, but will yield more profits and also be easier for you in the business.

Other factors to consider when purchasing a pig are:

Check for the brightness of the pigs eyes
check for the temperament of the pig
check for how easy the pig moves around
check for the glossy coat of thr pig
check for how the pig responds to its environment
check for how the pig eats when offered food
I always advice to go with a Veterinary doctor to check the health of the pigs,
Don’t forget to ask for the medical history or records of the pig you are purchasing. before making any payment, ask for the parents of the piglets to see or have an idea on how your pigs will turn out to be.

Feeding Your Pigs

For pigs that you are breeding for business to be eye catchy, they need to to look healthy, and one of the reasons for them to look healthy they need to are well fed, although feeding a pig is not very difficult as pigs can eat anything they see, even food left over are okay for them, but the issues is the need to be given a balanced diet for them to be that eye catchy like you want them to be, so feeding them with food with protein, carbohydrate, vitamin, mineral salts, and clean water, and I bet you, they will be fresh and healthy, they can eat for the whole day, so make you you schedule their food time table appropriately. they have the tendency to finish food for a whole year in just 3 months. Ask any pig farmer and he will tell you what to feed your livestock with.

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Employ Workers

As your livestock begins to grow rapidly, more hands will be needed, because they have to help run the farm, these hands will be needed for the following reasons Constantly change the water in the pig pool Feed and water the pigs
Regularly clean up the farm

Keep Them Pigs Healthy

Deworming and other vaccination of the pigs should not be taken lightly, even though pigs don’t easily fall sick, so this is where a veterinary doctor comes in play, they are to check out the pigs health from time to time.
Make Your Money

With the explanation we previously gave, let’s say you started your piggery with 20 female pigs. Say each of your pigs gave birth to 10 piglets twice in your first year of business. That’s 800 pigs in your farm at the end of once year. You can feed and then sell off 100 of those pigs at maturity for N40,000 each. That’s a whopping N4,000,000 you have made at the end of one year.  You can imagine the profits that come with the pig farming business, so that to let you know how this business is lucrative.

To get the full business plan on the pig farming business plan in Nigeria + feasibility study, pay N10,000 to:

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0137025869
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After payment, send your name, email address and title of business plan (i.e. pig farming business plan doc) via text to 07030465171. Your business plan will be sent

to your email within 10 minutes after payment. Thank you.

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