Plantain Chips Production Business Plan PDF / Feasibility Study

Plantain Chips Production Business Plan PDF / Feasibility Study

Plantain Chips business is a very profitable business so if you considering going into this business then this post is for you.

On this post you learn some of the basic thing you need to know about plantain chips production business in Nigeria.

Plantain chips production business does not necessary require intensive capital to start however you need a reasonable amount of money to start so you have an edge over your competitors in this line of business.

One of the major thing you need to understand in starting a business is determination and getting all the necessary knowledge about the business but you don’t also necessarily need to be perfect because you also learn while at it however the best thing to do before venturing into any business is to conduct a good feasibility study on plantain chips production and have a good business plan on plantain chips production.

How to Start Plantain Chips Business

First and foremost is to look for a plantain market where you buy in bulk, you can either locate a plantain market or a plantain farm. Plantain farming in Nigeria makes it easy for those in this business to thrive because they make plantain very much available so you can make arrangement with them and they bring supplies to you from time to time, and its cheaper when you do it like this.

That said, there re some thing you need to make plantain chips, like I said before this business is not capital intensive. In plantain chips production you need ripe or unripe plantain, vegetable oil, salt, and other ingredients.

Plantain Chips Processing

When you have gotten everything ready then you need to process the plantain into plantain chips, below are thee ways you do it.

1. Get a bowl of water to wash your peeled and sliced plantain. Its always best to get a slicer to ensure your plantain are all sliced equally.
2. Add salt and other ingredients to the peeled or sliced plantain. sieve out the water.
3. The heat the vegetable oil and fry the plantain. You have to do this carefully to ensure it doesnt get too dry and brownish.

With this process you have made plantain chips, its this simple.

One way to thrive in this line of business is your packaging. Ensure after processing your plantain chips, package it very well.It is very important that you brand your plantain chips so as to make it appealing to the eyes. As I have said before this business is not capital intensive.

One way to succeed in any business is having a good marketing strategy. No one will know how nice your product is if you do not market it very well. They some vital marketing strategy you should use. This strategies are listed in our Plantain chips production business plan.

Plantain chips is consumed nationwide. It does not matter where you are. People love plantain chips whether ripe or unripe and that is why is a very profitable business.

Production and Marketing of Plantain Chips

The amount to sell your plantain chips depends greatly on your packaging. If its well packaged the least amount to sell should be N100, but if not well packaged you should sell at least N50.

You can distribute your branded and well packaged plantain chips to small and large stores or supermarkets. If you want to take your locality you have to do a good market analysis to know the pack that will sell most in your location.

Reach out to retailers, supermarkets, shopping malls, provision stores let them know what you are selling and if its well package they will bu from you.

Benefits Of Plantain Chips Production Business

Plantain chips business does not need huge capital to start up.

Plantain chips business can start from your kitchen

Plantain chips production involves the use of little equipment

You do not need to be a manufacturer to sell and brand your own plantain chips.

Our sample Plantain Chips Production Business Plan Nigeria can be used to access bank loans, proposal writing and grant applications. The business plan was complied after a thorough feasibility study on Plantain Chips Production Business in Nigeria was done.

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