Plantain Farming Business Plan In Nigeria (2020)

Plantain Farming Business plan in Nigeria is one of the most lucrative farming businesses in the world, some don’t really have an idea of how lucrative this farming business is, because of some reasons best known to them, some of their reasons maybe they have not really heard about it, some have not read about it, some are scared simply because they think starting it up could be very expensive, some would say its very difficult to start, some are thinking its impossible to start base on their locations, their schedules and even their personality. But relax because some secrets I’d share in this post would give you an expose on how to start up a plantain farming business plan with ease.

It will interest you to know that’s if u don’t know already that plantain and its products are widely consumed in the country and the world at large, food products that come out of plantain is numerous and they are consumed by individuals around the world, sharing the secrets of plantain food and products are not what any farmer can just do because they don’t want too many farmers on plantain farming business in Nigeria or the world at large.

The thing is to begin a plantain farm business not much capital are needed, not much effort are even needed, not more concentration are needed, of course you have to be diligent in any thing you do, so it requires diligence and attention, so you can actually take care of your crops and give it lots of maintenance especially when it comes to the farmland, well I’d also tell you that the Market Overview and some hidden truth on how to start up a Plantain Farming Business Plan in Nigeria will be revealed.

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Well like I have always said, plantain is very good for the body, both old, young even babies eat plantain, in Nigeria plantain are turned into different varieties of food, plantain can be Amala, dodo when its ripped, chips ( kpekere) when its unripe. Plantain can still be eaten in several forms, hence plantain is very important in this part of the world, some persons can’t just do without eating fried plantain whenever they want to eat rice. some would rather eat chips that comes out of plantain than any snacks.

With all the listed above samples I just gave, one would say there is no way a plantain farming business can be at any disadvantage once you start, that’s because its not just an individuals that demand it, but hotels, restaurants both big and small, and so on.. The demand of plantain is very below the consumption percentage we have in the country, hence plantain business is very profitable once you put your heart to starting it up.

Plantain Farming in Nigeria Factors

Some of the factors that can be hardly talked about by writers or business personnel involved in this business will be talked about below, by so doing it will give some glimpse of how tough plantain farming business plan in Nigeria could be. Therefore some cautionary measures could be applied by intending business personnel, and some of these are

Pests and diseases.
The high cost of farmlands.
Unhealthy suckers.
Problems associated with storage.
The high cost of transporting produce to markets.
The challenge of raising adequate capital.

Plantain Farming in Nigeria Profits

It is very necessary that one finds out about any investment one is making in the sense that you’d know you are investing time, capital, even your strength and effort in any business you are about doing, so Plantain Farming Business plan isn’t different from other business, so we have taken some time to put some of the prices that are likely to be spent on this business.

Cost Analysis for Plantain Plantation

Buying farmland – N400,000
Purchasing suckers at N200 each – N100,000 for 500 suckers.
Transportation of suckers to the farm – N7,000
Cost of labor for planting – N20 per sucker = N10,000
Cost of maintaining the farm – N15,000
Cost of manure – N3,000

Total = N535,000

The common asked questions on Plantain Farming Business in Nigeria is how to make profit? So I’d give you the two most common way of making profits in Plantain Farming Business in Nigeria, this also implies when running other investments.

1. The Fruits of the Plantain Should be sold: N500 is the general amount of a bunch of plantain in Nigeria, that means you are looking at roughly N250,000 as the amount sold in just your first year, so if this sucker is planted the next year your business will be doubled as well.

2. The Sucker should also be sold: The normal number of suckers a plantain produce is around 6 and 8. thats to say 3000 suckers come from about 500 plants, so that simply means if the sucker is sold for N200, it only means N600,000 will be expected to be made. and break even will made made in the next year.

This should be a good proof of why you should invest in plantain farming in Nigeria.
Why you should invest in Plantain Farming Business in Nigeria

There are so many reasons why anyone should invest in plantain farming in Nigeria. We may not be able to share all the reasons with you in this post, however, here are some cogent reasons why.

Therefore I think these are good enough reasons to invest in Plantain Farming in Nigeria.
Reasons for investing in Plantain Farming Business in Nigeria.

It helps to destroy poverty which is one of the SDGs.
It is highly profitable and lucrative business in the country.
You will employ people to work on your farm even if it is for short periods. This means you are helping to reduce the unemployment and crime rates in Nigeria.

It helps to reduce unemployment in the country in the sense that you have employed some workers in your farm, those guys employed by you automatically have a job and are no longer unemployed.
You become self dependent.
Financial crimes in the country will be reduced drastically, once you start your own Plantain Farming Business Plan in Nigeria.
You’d also become a tutor to many aspiring farmers both old and young, as long as the person wants to start his/her farm in the future.

Starting a Plantain Farm in Nigeria

I’d strongly advice to take a research on the plantain business plan before starting it up, not just this particular business, general business at large, because the more you know about what you are doing as regards a particular business the simpler, the more interesting and the more lucrative it is for you, you will start making profits with little effort, because you have done your research very well, however when you don’t research before starting a business, there’s a very high risk of loss and regrets. I’d also advice to visit and learn from a successful plantain farming business if you are interested in the business, hence you’d be able to know the “Dos” and “Don’t s”that will really help to start up your own Plantain Farming Business Plan in Nigeria.

Fertile land is required

It is very important to get a good ground to start up a plantain farming business in Nigeria, a good and a fertile land to cultivate, we are aware how loamy soil plays a very important roles when it comes to planting and cultivating, Also States like Cross River, Ogun, Delta Edo Ekiti and others are best considered, soil with organic matters are also considered to have a very good product as regards plantain farming business in Nigeria. So it’s very important to get a very fertile soil before starting up such business.

But if you are in a state or a city or a village that doesn’t have good or fertile ground to grow plantain, there’s a way to make the soil fit for it, in the sense that you can apply fertilizers nutrients organic or inorganic, to the soil to make it ready for it, you can test it by conducting a lab test of the soil, that is after applying these nutrients, i’d also advice you plant vegetation to see how thick it is, to know if the soil is ready for plantain farming.

The basic ways of acquiring farmland for plantain cultivation or plantain farming is to buy the land from the owner(s) that way the land is all yours, but some times the owner(s) don’t like selling, so in that kinda situation you could rent it for the period of time you need it and then return it back, or buy it, if the owner(s) are ready to sell then.

Land preparation

The land needs an adequate preparation because, its not just to get the land and start planting just because its a fertile soil, no way it will ruin your business, so I’d advice you get the land prepared and ready for for planting and cultivation, because lack of this will bring several harms to the crops, making the crops vulnerable to pests and disease which might destroy the crop at large and make all your efforts to be wasted.

Some of these preparation means are cutting of weeds and grown grasses, removal of metals, stumps and stones that could be where the plantain plants are, falling of any trees that could stand on its way, manure application is one of the best ways to prepare the ground , also tilling the ground is also a big step.
One thing i know is that these processes can be carried out by either humans or machinery, I’d choose machinery because its more reliable, faster and efficient, so its necessary to get machines for a large scale of this business.

Purchasing healthy Plantain suckers

The Plantain suckers represents seeds of an ordinary plants like okra or maize, they are the bug that are cut and planted to grow as plantain, most people don’t really know how plantain are planted, i mean you can blame them because they think a plantain is being buried in the ground, but noooo.. the sucker is cut and that’s what brings out plantain.

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There are mostly 3 varieties of suckers planted in Nigeria, these include Sword Suckers, Maidenhead Suckers and Water suckers. so investing in the first two is highly recommendable, because of how high they produce the are very good when it comes to plantain farming business in Nigeria.
unhealthy suckers can cost a very poor production , this simply means that not only your money, but also your time that was wasted, like I have been recommending, always make research from reputable farmers, the ones that have good testimonies before starting up a business like this, because they have the experience of where to get the suckers that can stand the tests of time, the ones that are solid to pest whenever they attack.

Planting, weeding, and fertilizer application

8 to 10 feet are recommended between each suckers and 4 to 5 feet long, to avoid over crowding, and a wet ground too is good for suckers, but once the soil becomes too wet, its bad, because the full potentials wont be achieved, manual labor of taking out the weed that grows in the plantain plantation should be taken out by you. Fertilizers rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium are to be applied on the land without fertilizers, but its not compulsory to add fertilizers once the soil is fertile.

Harvesting and marketing

Base on how quickly plantain perishes it is always advice to get buyers on ground before the harvesting season, reasons being that plantains take 8 to 10 months to be harvested , so when that time comes and there is no buyer it will begin to perish which could cost lot of losses.

Write a business plan

Business plans are very important to the growth of any business. They act as the map guiding the operations of the business. If you will succeed in your plantain farming business, then you need a business plan. You can contact us to write a detailed business plan at a subsidized fee.

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