Supermarket Business Plan in Nigeria & Feasibility Study

Supermarket Business Plan in Nigeria & Feasibility Study

Setting up a supermarket is huge and so you need proper planning to get everything up and running in the right direction, there is no doubt a supermarket business in Nigeria is a very lucrative business.

First of all, what is a supermarket? a supermarket is a very big shop that offers self service where you can buy different variety of foods, household product. Many people usually confuses a supermarket with a provision store but there are different, a supermarket is usually bigger.

To start and run a successful supermarket in Nigeria there some major things you must get, some requirements you must meet and lots of factors to consider. The first is getting a Supermarket business plan and feasibility study in Nigeria.

You must have a very good and detailed business plan before starting this business. This business plan will guide you, a business plan is usually like a roadmap and that is why its very important. You can call professionals to help you with a feasibility study of a supermarket and business plan in Nigeria or you can place an order, we already have a detailed and professionally written supermarket business plan in Nigeria and feasibility study.

One of the major factors to consider in this line of business is LOCATION. Location is everything as far as this business is concerned. Where your supermarket is located plays a major role as to the success or failure of the business.

There are some things you must consider when choosing a location for your supermarket.

Accessibility and Visibility – Setting up your supermarket where its visible and easily accessible very important because it means people will find it very easy to locate your shop. A place where lots of people walk pass and drive by is a strategic position.

Population – This is very important, a well populated area is good for the business because there is a high tendency that large number of people will be buying from you.

Competition – Competition is one major challenge of every business, you have competitors that wants to be on top of you and that you want to be on top of so its better you choose a location where you will not have any competition.

Commodities Suppliers – These are wholesale distributors, you need to find them and buy directly from them and also manufacturers of different commodities. You are at an advantage when you buy from wholesale distributors because you would buy at a low price thereby keeping your expenses low, when you have developed a good relationship with them you can but on credit and pay later.

Warehouse – You need to have a warehouse where you store your goods. It could be the same building a somewhere very close. It is not advisable to wait until your shop is almost empty before you restock it. Since this goods you are ordering are in bulk it may take a while before they are delivered to you so that the reason you need to have a warehouse.

Our sample Supermarket Business Plan and Feasibility Study in Nigeria can be used to access bank loans, proposal writing and grant applications. The business plan was complied after a thorough feasibility study on Supermarket business in Nigeria was done.

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