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Tilapia Fish Farming Business Plan in Nigeria / Feasibility Study

Tilapia Fish Farming Business Plan in Nigeria / Feasibility Study

Fish farming in Nigeria has become an increasingly lucrative business.The preference and demand of fish over meat has made made fish farming one of the most lucrative business you can have, not just in Nigeria but round the world. Now tilapia fish is one particular fish that is mostly consumed because of its many advantages over the other kinds of fish, some of which are; it has little fat, tastes good, rich in protein, easy to breed, and is highly resistant.
It may also interest you to know that tilapia fish can survive in any temperature and climatic conditions and they can feed on vegetables which makes it a profit maximizing business.

There is always a ready market for those who want to raise tilapia fish commercially. It can be sold to restaurants, market sellers and grocery stores. A research in the industry has shown that most of the retailers who buys tilapia get or buy their supplies from farms far away from their shops. This results in higher transportation cost and increases transaction cost. So setting a tilapia fish farm in a strategic position which brings the fish closer to the retailers will be a very welcome idea to the retailer and increase patronage. Tilapia cuisines are very popular among the various ethnic groups, and it is sought greatly by restaurants, hence the ready market.

A breeder has the luxury of deciding on whether to be simple or complex. It all depends on how strict or lenient he wants to be. He can exercise rigid control over water quality and food supply to affect greater yield, or decide to leave most of the fish growing process to nature.
The most common commercially raised tilapia genus is Oreochromis.



It is very crucial that you draft a business plan for your business to include all the necessary aspect of the business. You should also put up a budget that would consist of all the items you would need to start up, feed and maintain your business until the fishes are ready for harvesting and sales. I believe the Tilapia fish farming feasibility study business plan carries the budget.


This is usually the first question you should consider asking before starting a tilapia fish farm.the reason and the motive for starting the farm has to be very clear. This is because,your motive will determine the business plan that will reflect on the business strategy. You have to decide on whether you want to go commercial or you want to feed your family with the farm.


Before going into fish farming, you will need to determine what it will take to achieve success in the business. You will need to find out what you will need to start a tilapia farm.

The human and material resources needed should be considered. The pond, the workers, sources of water, feed etc are things you need to figure out before you start the business


These are important things that should be put into consideration when setting up your fish pond.

POND CONSTRUCTION; The pond culture is the most commercially employed methods because Ponds when compared to tanks are not so costly.

It is also beneficial because it makes room for natural biological productivity to occur in the system. It also makes provision for innovation such as the use of cages or net enclosures to allow more effective collection and growing of fry.

However, the breeder should be careful of overpopulation as overpopulation puts pressure in the system and could retard the growth of the fish to its full potential.it is one of the best and does not require much capital. But a breeder also has the choice of tanks and cages. More complex methods of growing fish are the most effective, but they are also more expensive.

The most important fact is that, the fish farm has to produce the greatest yield in the smallest area available at the minimum cost.

Living Conditions:

The temperature of the tilapia fish pond should not be below 28 degrees Celsius or 82 degrees Fahrenheit as Tilapia fishes need a water temperature of 28-30 degrees Celsius to survive. You should also be mindful of the PH level. It should be suitable with sufficient oxygen to enhance survival of living organisms. Get rid of pollutants such as sulphur from your pond.

Water Supply:

To start a tilapia fish farm, you will need access to regular water supply. The water has to be constant and clean. You should also beware of flooding.

when you want to start a tilapia fish farm,you should adopt a breeding system that would help you maximize the number of new fishes you get weekly.

Male and female tilapias that are kept together will readily breed and produce a lot of offspring. This greatly reduces the growth rate of the adult fish as they could compete for food with the fingerlings.

There are three methods used to prevent this they include:
Raising a mono-sex culture consisting of males only
Harvesting the mix-sexed culture before they reach sexual maturity or soon afterwards
Raising the mix-sexed culture in cages or tanks that disrupts reproduction.You should avoid over-population by using hormones or genetically specific breeds. Make sure you separate the fingerlings from the breeders. The fingerlings should be kept in a spacious pond to enable them enough space for effective growth while the breeders should be kept in a smaller space or in an aquarium.


Tilapias feed on almost all food sources and can thrive solely on pallets. They also do well if fed with vegetables, aquatic plants and meat.The feeding of the fish is not difficult because they are omnivorous in nature. They sometimes feed on algae and larva so you won’t go through a lot of stress to feed your Tilapia fish but you must make sure that they have enough food at all times.


The Tilapia fish is harvested by seining and draining the pond.


If your motive is to make profits, then you must carefully consider the best marketing options available to you that would maximize your profits. You can decide to sell directly to consumers or to people who will buy from you in bulk, and sell them to consumers.

Our sample Tilapia Fish Farming Business Plan in Nigeria can be used to access bank loans, proposal writing and grant applications. The business plan was complied after a thorough feasibility study on Tilapia Fish Farming business in Nigeria was done.

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