Tomatoes Farming Business Plan in Nigeria / Feasibility Study

Tomato Farming Business Plan in Nigeria / Feasibility Study

Tomatoes are common vegetable, it is consumed daily in every homes not just in Nigeria but in that world at large. Tomatoes is prepared in different ways, it can be consumed fresh, by slicing, dicing or it can be cooked, it all depends on how you choose o eat it.

Tomato is a high demand commodity because of its nutritious value, it helps it keeping the blood pressure stabilized, its helps with good eyesight, it helps in making blood sugar level to be stable, it gives good hair texture and quality, its good for the kidney and lot of other benefit. Tomatoes in all round has is good fr the body and that is why the demand for it is surpasses the supply making it a good business to venture it to.

Tomato business has a large market both here in Nigeria and internationally for export and one good thing about it is that it an be planted anywhere all you have to do is to prepare the soil for optimum growth.

There are different types of tomatoes, and each of this types has its own unique shape and size but all tomatoes are the the same just that some has a higher level of pest resistant than other.

Types of Tomatoes

Campari tomatoes
Pear tomatoes
Cherry tomatoes
Oxheart tomatoes
Tom berries tomatoes
Beffsteak tomatoes
Globe or Slicing tomatoes
Grapes tomatoes
Plum tomatoes

In starting a tomatoes farm, the first thing to get is a good location and in choosing a location there are some thing you must take cognizance of if you want your tomatoes farm to be very successful.

One of the first thing you must ensure you have in your farmland is a good soil with a good water supply. If there is a god stream or river close by good but if not, you can digg a well or construct a tap, water is very important in tomato farming.

You should be able to have access to your farm land anytime you want both day and night

The farm land has to be rich in organic matter so you must take time to prepare the farmland. If the soil is not rich you can introduce fertilizers either organic fertilizers such as NPK or inorganic fertilizers like cow dung etc.

You must test for the acidity of the soil by using a test kit. The pH value of the soil should be between 6-7pH.

The area of the farm should be well secured to avoid invaders and also should be protected against pests.

Pest control is very important because this plant is very delicate. This arm is prone to diseases and pest invasion so it important you get a pesticide that can take care of the best. Please just don’t get any pesticide, ask questions and get the one that is recommended.

If you are growing your tomatoes in a greenhouse fine, the plant is already protected from insects, pests etc but for a large scale farming you will need a very big greenhouse or couple of greenhouses.

Once the land is ready, you must decide the best breed or type of tomatoes you want to grow. It is very wise that you grow the ones that are common in the market.

In planting tomatoes it is best when you first plant in a nursery before transplanting to the main farm. The nursery should be prepared from about 5 to 6 weeks. The nursery bed should be protected against pests and one of the ways to do this is to cover it with a polythene sheet.

If you are planting during the dry season there should be proper irrigation, and constant water supply because tomatoes thrive well in a moist soil.

Planting of tomatoes is done with the seeds. To plant tomatoes you spray the seeds on the soil then cover. Germination starts after few days.

The seedlings of tomatoes are of two different types, there are determinate seedlings and indeterminate seedlings.

Determinate seedlings are the ones that will grow in a certain size, the indeterminate seedlings on the other hand will grow indefinitely so long every condition is right.

The transplanting process is done after five weeks because by then the tomatoes is strong enough to be moved to the farm. This process of transplanting is done with care. All the tomatoes uprooted should be replanted that same day, if you waste too much time the plant will get dehydrated and die.

In transplanting tomatoes, uproot the tomatoes from the nursery bed by then the tomato farm should be ready in almost same way you prepared the nursery bed. Once you have uprooted all the ones you can transplant that day, the replanting should be done as soon as possible.


Make sure the farm land is moist before replanting. Open the grown with a piece of wood, make sure the hole is big enough to hold the plant, the cover with loose soil.

The next process is the staking, training and pruning. This come after transplanting. To have an optimum harvest you must do this. Tomatoes far needs extreme care because they are very fragile so you have to support them with stakes and when necessary and train them.

If planting is done during the rainy season, the work of always watering it will be reduced but if planting is done during the dry season, you must constantly water the farm so you can get the best produce. When watering the farm do not soak the farm land with water.

Harvest time is usually after three months of planting. During this time, the greenish tomatoes has turned red which means is ripe for harvest.

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