Top Profitable Businesses In Nigeria

Top Profitable Businesses In Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the richest countries in the world and that makes it a good place for business, there are lots of businessmen in Nigeria who are not only Nigerians but immigrants from different parts of the world who have come to do business here.
However there are lots Nigerians who do not know the kind of business to venture into, some even travel abroad thinking that the only way they can make it big is leaving the country.

There are lots of profitable businesses in Nigeria you can start and in a short time you would be a multi millionaire and all it takes is just an idea and that is the reason for this post.

On Business Plan Nigeria we provide you with lucrative business ideas, detailed business plan and feasibility studies so you can start and grow your business.
Are you thinking of starting a business in Nigeria and you do not know the business to start, or where to invest your money in?

Are you thinking of how to get a rich business plan and feasibility study for that business and you do not know how to write or where to get them?
All of this questions in your mind will be answered on this site.

The list of top profitable business in Nigeria is made up of genuine and authentic business ideas that you can be very sure to put your money and be guaranteed of making profit.

Top profitable businesses in Nigeria are –

1. Agriculture – Nigeria is blessed with vast land for good agriculture, and so many smart Nigerians are already making millions from it. The agricultural sector is very lucrative and can transform anyone into a millionaire overnight. Here are some of the agricultural businesses that can transform you into a millionaire

Cassava Production
This is one lucrative farming business in Nigeria, cassava produce is not only consumed here in Nigeria but also abroad.
It is one of the most consumed food in the country, if you can invest in this business your profit would be mouth watering. If you are thinking of starting up this business we have a detailed Cassava / Garri Production Business Plan that will help you set out well.

Poultry Farming
This is another farming business that can turn you into a millionaire, it’s very lucrative, after the federal government ban importation of frozen chicken, some smart thinking Nigerians have taken it upon themselves to fill the gap. The poultry farming business has three primary factors responsible for making this business thrive more than ever before. If you are thinking of starting a poultry farm, we have a well written Poultry Farming Business Plan that will help you get all the information you need, the number of birds you can start with. The business plan covers both broilers and layers.

Rice Farming
The demand for locally grown rice has increased tremendously because of its price compared to foreign rice. Most families in Nigeria prefer locally grown rice not just because it’s cheaper than the foreign rice but because it actually taste better. For example, the demand for Abakaliki rice last year December was over fifty time more than the demand for foreign rice. Investors and smart thinking Nigerians are moving into this business.
We have a well detailed Rice Farming Business plan in Nigeria. Before you go into this business it’s very important you get all the information you need so you know what to expect.

Fish Farming
Fish farming which is a form of aquaculture is one of the top profitable business in Nigeria, fish farming means rearing of fish, fish farming can be done in two ways either intensive or extensive but here in Nigeria I strongly recommend intensive aquaculture.
The fact that fish is one of the sought after and consumed agricultural product in Nigeria. The demand for fishery products like Cat, Tilapia, Salmon has increased tremendously promoting the growth and expansion of fish farming.
It’s very important to note that because of the market size of this business it makes it one of the most lucrative agricultural business to venture into. If you are interested in this business we have a well detailed Fish Farming Business Plan that will help you grow plan and grown your business.

Pig Farming
Pig farming business in Nigeria is a very lucrative one, the demand for pork meat is very high and that is why pig farmers are smiling to the bank. This is one of the easiest farming business you can start, their feeds are not expensive, very affordable and their reproduction and system is faster than any other livestock like Cattle or Goat. We have written a rich Pig Farming Business Plan / Feasibility Study that can help you grow your business within a short time.

Snail Farming
Snail farming is one of the most preferred farming in Nigeria for lots of reason, Snail farming is a low capital investment with high yield and the market size of this business makes it one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria.
There are few people in this line of business and they are making so much profit from it. Snail Farming Business Plan in Nigeria is available, if you invest in Snail farming you can be assured of making million within a year.

2. Pure Water Production In Nigeria
This is one business in Nigeria that can never be overemphasized, water is part of life and it’s used everyday by everyone. Pure water production business is capital intensive but the profit is mouth watering. Owners of pure water production company are multi millionaires because of the demand of pure water on daily basis. Our Pure/Bottle Water Production Business Plan will equip you with all the information you need to start and grow this business.

3. Fast Food Restaurant
Fast food business is a very lucrative business especially when you know what you are doing and that is why we have Fast Food Restaurant Business Plan in Nigeria so you know how well to go about the business. Good management can make this business thrive beyond your dreams.

4. Investing In Property
There are lots of Nigerians who are not aware of this, but investing in property is very lucrative in Nigeria, for example if you buy a plot of land in Lagos u can be sure of making over a hundred percent return within a year.

5. Dry Cleaning
Dry cleaning business is a lucrative one, it’s not capital intensive and it’s easy to start. Professional dry cleaners are making so much, all it requires from you is your time and you can be sure of making profit from it. Our Laundry/Dry Cleaning Business Plan in Nigeria will equip you with all you need to start and grow the business.

6. Oil and Gas Business
Nigeria is a country blessed with oil, owning a petrol filling station can be very lucrative, supplying of Disel and Kerosene can also be very lucrative. It’s capital intensive but the profit is worth it.

7. Hotel Business
Most times when people think of hotel business they are thinking 5 star or 7 star hotel, but hotel business doesn’t need to be 5 or 7 star before you can make so much from it. With a hotel of ten to fifteen rooms you would be amazed of the amount of profit you can make. All you need is good management, and with our Hotel Business Plan you can be rest assured of making so much from this business.

8. Nursery and Primary School
There are different private schools in Nigeria, and that is because there is so much money in this line of business. School is serious business so to venture into this business you must be serious minded. Parents pay huge amount of school fees every term that lasts within three to four months and so it’s something that should be taken serious. With our Nursery and Primary School Business Plan in Nigeria you can start and grow your business.

9. Fashion and Design
This is one lucrative business in Nigeria, the love of fashion in the country is increasing, the demand for Nigerian wears are tremendously higher than we have seen in past years. Fashion designers in the country are smiling to the bank and you to can start your own fashion and design business. With our Fashion Design Business Plan be guaranteed to kickoff this business in a good pace

10. Car Wash
Professional car wash is a good business in Nigeria, all you need is a good location and you are good to go. Our Car Wash Business Plan in Nigeria will get you started with all the information you need.

11. Used Clothes
Used cloth in Nigeria is still on a high demand. Most people prefer to buy used clothes than buying fake and the amount spent to import this already used clothes is not capital intensive. There are lots of Nigerians making millions from this business. When you go to where this used clothes are being sold you won’t believe the number of people you see there bending down and selecting that shows you that the demand for used clothes is high and you can make good profit from it.

12. Building Materials
Building materials is a very profitable business in Nigeria, everyone wants to be a landlord. Houses are springing forth daily and is because it is a good investment. You can make millions from selling building materials, we have a rich Building Materials Business Plan in Nigeria that will equip you in the business.


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